Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sometimes I wish I actually lived in a cave.

Today I tried to change my display name in facebook and they denied me. Turns out I don't have the right to tell facebook what my name is they can tell me. As far as I'm concerned that was going a little bit too far. Therefore my wife and I are in the process of deleting everything from our facebook accounts and then de-activating our accounts.

Sometimes I feel that one can be too connected and I have toyed with the notion of deleting my account for a long time. I don't like someone else having that much control over my personal information and denying me the right to change my own name on the account is a bit ludicrous if you ask me.

WOD Thursday 29 September 2011

This guy has some pretty good drills to help develop a front lever

Front Lever Progression
  • 3x5 L-hang pull to Front lever

Weighted Pull up
  • 50x1
  • 70x1
  • 90x1
  • 110x1
  • 120x1

For time
run 400m
50 pull ups
50 push ups
run 400m
50 pull ups
50 Push ups
run 400m
  • 10:33 Sick WOD!

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