Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday 02 September 2011

Hanging Power Snatch
Remember, the weight only goes up when all three reps are solid.
  • 95x3
  • 115x3
  • 125x3
  • 135x3
  • 145x3 This is where my form only started to change. All three were still solid but my feet just barely started to go a little bit wider than on the previous sets.

From the Crossfit New England page:"Pirate Girl"
15-12-9 reps for time:
Power Snatch, M115/F75lbs
400m Run

If the Rx'd weight is too much scale by using 85% of your best 3 reps
  • 13:02 This felt good I set goals and hit them on each round only resting after my form fell apart completely and only resting long enough to chalk up.
 Cash out
one minute aggregate Front lever Progression
  • 3x20 seconds advanced tuck lever
  • 1x3 pull to full front ever held for one second

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