Friday, September 9, 2011

Not every day can be your best

What a Sh*t day at the gym today. I couldn't wrap my head around my form today and because of it I missed two PR's.

We brought Gwendolynn to the doctor to get her first needles ever today. That was tough. as a medic I have given thousands of immunizations and I couldn't watch my own daughter get hers. Needless to say she was quite upset and Mommy and I felt pretty terrible.

Getting to the gym a couple of hours later than I had wished I just couldn't get my form together so my lifts were ugly. It's ok though. First time in a month that I hadn't hit Strength Pr's so I'm ok with it. I had a great month for strength training because at this stage in the game a solid month or Pr's is pretty unheard of.

On the brighter side of things, I took my frustrations out on the WOD and charged through the couplet in record time!

  • 95x3
  • 115x3
  • 125x3
  • 135x3
  • 150x1 I have no idea why, but I changed my form up on the last set. I threw my hips into the set instead of keeping everything tight which resulted in way too much backward lean.

Squat snatch
  • 95x3 already my head isn't in it and I felt pretty shaky with a super light weight
  • 115x3
  • 135x3
  • 145x3
  • 155x1 My hips were high, my chest was low. The bar traveled too far from my torso and I pulled with my arms. It's ok, I know what I did wrong and next week will be better.

21-15-9 reps for time
95lb sumo deadlift high pull
Ring dip
  • 2:17 This was good. I took my frustration out on the WOD and charged through it in a personal best time.

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