Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Staying Connected

No I don't mean electronically.

In sports, staying connected means staying in control of your body. This is where the majority of Crossfit athletes fall apart. When you remain connected, your form remains solid, your reps are all good and your movements are efficient. Unfortunately, once you introduce the concept of the timed workout, many athletes let their form go to hell in the name of getting a better time. This might shave off a few precious seconds at first, but the consequences of reinforcing terrible form are far reaching and will eventually stall all of your progress.

If you watch the top athletes in any sport, they are able to maintain proper mechanics throughout their entire event. This very closely relates to a recent article I wrote on virtuosity. This ability to stay connected is a major part of what separates the fire breathers from the average Joes in any sport.

When I program a workout, make sure you have the mechanics first. Then develop the consistency to remain connected throughout the entire workout. After that you are ready to add the intensity. But if you are going so fast that you look like crap. then you aren't getting what I intended out of these workouts.

Stay Connected!

WOD Thursday 10 November 2011

Deadlift 3 rep max
Power Snatch 3x3 @ 85%

3 Rounds for time
5 Front squat, at least 75% of you one rep max
10 L-Pull ups

If you do not have L-pull ups, do a jumping chin to get over the bar and hold an L while you descend under control

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