Thursday, October 27, 2011

It works!

Here's a bit of proof that eating like a caveman works...

My wife joyously pointed out to me today that she can comfortably fit into all of her pre pregnancy clothes. This is without being able to work out even as much as she used to before Gwen came along. Proof that Abs are made in the kitchen even more so than the gym. Gongrats Megz!

Here's a good question: If somebody were to ask you what is the one thing they should cut out of their diet that would make the most difference. This is an interesting question because once I started thinking about it, I had to take into consideration how much an average person eats of the usual culprits on a daily basis.

Sugar. I'd have to say the first thing one should cut out of their diet should be sugar. To the non paleo initiated, I would say that if a food label had any form of sugar withing the first three ingredients, don't eat it. I know those of us who are devote paleophiles (?) say that if it has a food label at all don't eat it. But to someone who is just deciding to start making changes to their lifestyle, cutting out sugar would give them the best results early on.

Look at all the foods we buy every day that are loaded with sugar.....
almost anything that comes out of a package.

I know bread and pasta are made from milled flour which causes a more drastic insulin spike that sugar itself, but when you look at the shear amount of sugar people are consuming on a daily basis, cutting out this one ingredient from your daily life will make a huge difference.

WOD Friday 28 October 2011

weight only goes up when all reps from the previous set are solid

Beginner, 3x one minute
Advanced, 3x20 seconds with hands down by your waist as opposed to under your shoulders. (Planche training)

50 Burpee pull ups for time

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