Monday, October 24, 2011

Caveman Babies part three

I meant to do this a month ago, when Gwen was three months old. Now she is four months old and I really have to stop neglecting the blog.

Now that gwen I getting a little older and a lot more sturdy, lets finish the series.

We plan on breast feeding exclusively for the first six months and I have to applaud Meghan's dedication. There are some trying times for sure, but Megz has been nothing short of amazing and hasn't faltered one bit.

At four months old, little Gwennie is as sturdy as any baby her age. We eat 90% Paleo with our weekend cheat meal and there is definitely a difference in Gwen's temperament on the Sunday and Monday after a cheat night. That being said, she is developing perfectly. People are usually surprised to find out that she is under six months old because the is quite tall.

Her little personality is starting to shine and she is becoming a delightful little person. Having recently found her voice the tells us stories and serenades us frequently to our delight. Even though it tends to be at five in the morning. She is now learning to sit up but prefers to stand while holding on to our hands. One thing I have ot remark is that she has an amazing amount of stamina, standing for long periods of time while only holding on to a finger on each of our hands.

She is so inquisitive, always looking around at the world, curious about everything. You can almost see the gears working and it is a delight to see the self satisfaction on her face when she puts it together and figures something out.

Calm and docile she is usually a delight. Rarely fussing at all except when she is dirty or hungry. I have to note that she hates her car seat and long car trips tend to result in her screaming most of the way, but I can't blame her, I'd hate to spend an extended amount of time traveling backwards staring at the back seat of a car.

Always smiling and always laughing, she definitely holds our heard in the palm of her hands. This little baby has brought so much joy into our lives. I can't for the life of me imagine what it was before she came into our lives.

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