Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday 30 August 211

Split Jerk
  • 3/3/3/3/3
  • 135x3
  • 155x3
  • 175x3
  • 195x3
  • 215x2 Just barely missed the lockout on the third rep. I almost considered counting it because I guarantee I would have made it if I had bumpers but fear of dropping the weight kept me from fully committing and finishing the lift. Can't wait until the CrossFit room gets finished.

Complete two rounds for time
Run 800m
100 Double unders
50 Sit ups

  • 12:41 not quite as difficult as I had anticipated.

Cash out
 One minute Aggregate front lever progression work
  • Advanced tuck lever, 4x15 seconds
  • Embedded front lever, 1x7 reps
Taking my post on the mental side of training to heart I really proved to myself today how much power your mind has on your workout. I told myself Before every rep that I was going to do it and moved hit a twenty pound pr. True I had a rough time fully committing to the last rep but I feel that equipment had a lot to do with that. If I had bumpers I could have committed to the lift fully with no fear of dropping the bar.

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