Saturday, April 3, 2010

Caveman Workouts

As a follow up to my previous post "Caveman Fitness" I have decided that I am going to be posting workouts on my page. If anybody has a good idea that they'd like to submit then please submit it to and I will be more than happy to post reader submitted workouts and recipes for good Paleo "caveman food" as well.

The workouts will be based on the CrossFit methodology.  Which means that they will be "infinitely Scalable" but will be designed to tax you to your limit in a short time, keeping things as efficient as possible. Pleas bear in mind that I am NOT a certified Crossfit trainer (yet) and I do not own an affiliate (yet), nor do I claim to be able to design a better workout than Greg Glassman who is the owner and creator.

I do however claim to be very knowledgeable in the world of functional fitness and have an extensive background with a fair amount of experience in the world of fitness and nutrition. Therefore I am going to  take it upon myself to design workouts for my readers to follow, putting an emphasis on intensity and gymnasics and body control. I believe that this has the most direct translation to real world fitness and Gymnastics, Parkour, and body control training translate more closely to the type of fitness that would have been achieved by our Paleolithic ancestors in their quest for survival.

Expect detailed explanations of the exercises and videos to follow as well. Right now I am a little bit rushed because I am on my way out to the gym.

So without further delay here is my first workout.

As quickly as possible complete the following:
Run 800 m (half a mile)
30 box jumps (M 24"/F 20")
25 dumbell swings
20 jumping pull ups
20 knees to elbows
25 back extentions
30 wall ball   (10 'target)
row 500m

Rest 5 minutes and finish with ten reps of kick to handstand against a wall hold for 2-5 seconds each time.

Remember to scale these workouts if you are beginning. The idea is to go as hard as you can but pleas use you head and don't  injure yourself. Let me know what you think, I'd appreciate the feedback


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