Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome to caveman2.0!

By now you may have become aware of the growing trend towards emulating the diet and lifestyles of our paleolithic ancestors in order to maximise our health and longevity.

The basic Idea is that we are genetically programmed to eat and behave a certain way and modern living has removed us from our genetic roots. This has resulted in a host of diseases that are known as the diseases of modern civilization, including heart disease, diabetes, depression, ADD, Dementia, and a whole collection of others brought on by our modern diet and lifestyle.

Now there are already some very good blogs on this subject. and are two incredible sites that I visit every day. They both contain a wealth of information and the authors themselves are quite personable. What makes my blog different from the others is that I plan to sift through the science and technical jargon out there and put it into terms even a caveman could understand.

My mission is to take all the available information and boil it down and show that the most effective way to optimal health and vitality is also the simplest way imaginable. Too many of us start on the path to fitness and only to become bogged down and confused by all the seeingly contradictory information out there so we get discouraged and don't even know where to begin.

Cavemen didn't know anything about science, or protein, fats or carbohydrates. They didn't think about if they had to eat breakfast or if they would get fat if they ate after 6 pm. All out primitive ancestors knew was to eat when hungry. If food was available they ate, if it wasn't available, they didn't eat. Their diet consisted of whatever could be picked from the ground or clubbed or speared.

These primitive civilizations lived in this manner and were all taller, leaner and stronger than we are. They were more fit than us and the previously named "diseases of modern civilization" were largely unknown to them.

I intend to show how easy it actually is to center our lifestyles in order to regain the health and well being that is imprinted in our genetic code. It is in our DNA to live healthy active lives and it does not require starvation diets or long gruelling workout sessions. It just requires that we get back in touch with our primitive selves.

Together I'll show you how to become a modern "Urban caveman" a Caveman2.0!

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