Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Caveman Salad!

Here is one of my favorite recipes from my beautiful wife Meghan.

We love to take everything we're eating in a meal and throw it together in a gigantic bowl!

Caveman Salad
(every thing we eat , we eat mixed together!)

Hamburger Salad (serves two)
roman lettuce
alfalfa sprouts
garlic powder
1 pack ground beef (use what ever grade you like, I use medium to lean)
olive oil

  • You will need two pans, with olive oil, one for the meat and the other for the mushrooms and the onions. While waiting for the pans to heat up, chop and ready your mushrooms and onions. I say cut them the way you want to eat them. You could even through in some chopped garlic into the mix if you are a garlic nut like me. I use a medium heat for the onions and mushrooms , stirring them every few minutes so they do not burn on one side.

  • You can make patties with the ground beef if you'd like too, but I keep in loose. Fry it up into the heated pan and add your garlic powder and pepper. A few shakes will do.. (again if you are like me, don't skimp on the garlic). Consistent stirring/flipping, keep it on a medium high heat until cooked to your perfection.

  • While our pans are doing the work of cooking, and in between the stirring, lets get the salad ready. Wash and pat dry the lettuce and prepare it the way you like it. I chop my lettuce with a knife as I like how much it gives you, but feel free to rip or even have it big leafed, it's really up to you. Through the lettuce into the bowl (if this is being made for 2, divide into separate bowls.) With this prep, add your tomato , avocado and alfalfa sprouts. I like to make my avocado into a “guacamole” ,adding the pealed and sliced avocado into a separate bowl, adding garlic powder then smashing it together. Then putting it into the salad.

  • By the time you have made your foliage into a salad, the meat, mushrooms and onions should be done. Divide and add to each bowl.. Grab some wooden spoons and toss away. Mixing all the flavors together.

  • To add the final touch , drizzle some olive oil over top.
(if you eat dairy, grate some cheese and put it on top. Also, I sometimes like to add a teaspoon of dejoin mustard in the mix, very very good! Or, with the olive oil drizzle, squeeze some lime and enjoy)

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