Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's been so long!

Hello blog readers!

I know it's been seemingly forever. "Why has our beloved neo-caveman forsaken us so?" You may ask. We'll the truth is, I just burnt out in the whole blogging thing. My diet, nutrition and training were in such a constant state of  rapid evolution that it was hard to write about such constant change without appearing like I was constantly contradicting myself.

Thankfully I have settled into a groove training wise for about the last year and a half and nutrition wise for the past year. I have been experiencing some pretty wonderful improvements and making pretty impressive gains.

Let's talk nutrition

The biggest thing I have changed in the past year is that I can no longer advocate a paleo diet.


Here I am, formerly one of the earliest adopters and biggest advocates of the Paleo diet and I've turned my back on the while thing! What the eff!?!

Now before you dub me a radical and blow me off into the aether just gimme a moment.

When I turned to the Paleo diet I was already in pretty good shape . I had low body fat and tons of energy. My performance was great both in the gym and out of the gym (wink, nudge) during activities such as high speed cup stacking. (Editors note: I have never done high speed cup stacking. And I have no editor to be making notes). I had recently began doing Crossfit and was logging workout times comparable to some of Crossfit's early fire breathers.

Funny thing though is as soon as I made the switch my performance began to level off almost immediately then within a few months it began to drop off. I was becoming tired and cranky all the time and walking around in a brain fog. I thought it was just old age beginning to set in (I'm only 33) and my "high speed cup stacking" vas becoming less frequent and much less "high speed".  See, only my highly efficient, carb loaded brain could come up with such witty metaphors on the fly like that.

During the entire Paleo time of my life personal records while training were become much less frequent and hitting slower times or squatting less were becoming the norm. I was watching training partners catch up and pass my by. I was loosing muscle mass, always cold and barely motivated to train at all.

Another thing that constantly weighed on my mind was this. How come no Crossfit games champion ever ate Paleo? In fact, i did some research, and there has only been one Paleo eater to ever place in the top three. This being Matt chan who obsessively eats weighed and measured Paleo. Furthermore I have watched former games champions switch to Paleo and had their performances drop off in subsequent competitions (khalipa/salo) yet Rich Froning junior continues to eat whatever he wants and continues to smash competitions?

I digress, this is not a Crossfit article.

I began to do some research into the actual validity of the Crossfit diet and began to discovere a small army of former Paleophiles who we're experiencing many of the same experiences I have. The final nail in the coffin was a book called 12 Paleo myths by Matt Stone (not that Matt stone) and turned my back on the Paeo diet for good. I can honestly say it has been a completely 180 degree turn around since then. I am now stronger than I have ever been with better energy, recovery and focus. I thought the days of performing like I did in my twenties were over but I am experiencing a resurgence and continue to improve.

I still continue to fast and believe I always will. I did get off of that for a few months and began to put on weight and feel that I have so much better energy while fasting. Plus fasted training is the bees knees!


I'd love to get into what I've done with my training but I'm just getting back into this blogging steps... 

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