Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bringing it all together

After well over a year of having The Caveman 2.0 Blog and expanding into three pages, I figure it's a pain in the ass trying to maintain three separate pages. I tend to pay too much attention to one page at a time while other pages get neglected. So I'm amalgamating all three into this main page. Will be lots of updates...... check in frequently

WOD Monday 01 August 2011

1 rep max
385*fail I figured I'd try deadlifting in my new weightlifting shoes. This was a mistake, weightlifting shoes have a raised solid heel made for olympic lifts. This is not good for deadlifts or low bar squats where you want to be as low to the ground as possible and on a flat heel. Oh well now I know better.

"Crossfit Jackie"
Complete for time:
Row 100m
50 thrusters, M45/F30
30 Pull ups
                   7:34 unbroken all the way through. I'm definitely happy. My goal during metcon is now to    go as long as I can without breaking up sets.

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