Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Strong Women

It's a little bit late and I should be going to bed but I haven't done a post since arriving back at home and I have a few things I'd like to say.

Strong woman
You may have read my post about the type of exercise we do and the positive changes they will create in the human body. That was definitely not only intended for men to read. Strength is sexy and we should make sure we celebrate the beauty of strong women.

As is mentioned in the above video, it is sad that women can pick up a fitness magazine and be bombarded with images of emaciated women who obviously have no functional strength. Obviously weak, malnourished cardio junkies who have never lifted a real weight in their life. It is a bloody shame that women can be lead to believe that they should stick to stretching and avoid liftime real weights for fear that they will become "bulky" and have muscles like a man.

Strength in a woman is sexy. Lifting weights will not make a woman "bulky". On the contrary, Lifting heavy things develops the type of muscle that only accentuates a woman's natural curvature. It is impossible for a woman to "bulk up" with out the aid of certain "hormonal supplements". I have seen time and time again the results of women who aren't afraid to train hard and lift heavy and the results are nothing less that amazing.

I frequently include photos and videos of women doing impressive feats of strength and skill in my performance blog posts in the hopes of inspiring the girls who follow my workouts. To show them that strength and confidence are beautiful things. So are the women who possess them.


  1. Great post, I hope many ladies get in inspired!!

  2. Loving the site bro. I'm sending it to Tam right away. She will enjoy the reads and hopefully transition to Caveman/crossfit soon.